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Premio Amerigo

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Amerigo - International Cultural Exchanges Programs Alumni Association, Italy

The Amerigo Association brings together Italian alumni of the International Cultural Exchanges Programs promoted by the US Department of State (Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs). Launched in May 2007 at the initiative of eight founding members from the Italian academic, business, journalistic, political and institutional worlds, it aims to encourage the exchange of personal and professional knowledge and experience gained in the USA through the study programs.  The Association is inspired by the eminent Italian navigator and explorer Amerigo Vespucci, who landed in La Guajira peninsula (Colombia) in 1497.  He was the first to realize that he had discovered “the fourth part of the earth” - a new Continent and not a new Eastern route  to reach the Far East . In letters to Lorenzo di Pier Francesco de’ Medici and, in particular, in the one titled “Mondus Novus”, Vespucci wrote:
I arrived at the Antipodes land and realized I was before the fourth part of the earth. I discovered a  Continent populated by many people and animals, more than our Europe, than Asia or even than Africa”.  With the same spirit, without prejudice and rich with experiences,  Amerigo promotes meetings, seminars, conferences and research  studies. It produces documentation and didactic material related to its aims and activities in order to continue to enhance  International Cultural Exchange Programs and to improve the knowledge of US society and its institutions in Italy and vice versa.  Through its website, Amerigo  interacts with its members, thereby generating a wide network of contacts  between Italian and American citizens and institutions. Working in cooperation with the Cultural Office of the US Embassy in Rome, the Association intends to carry out joint projects and to participate  in  activities and initiatives promoted also by other Italian or foreign institutions and associations, which pursue common objectives.
At the same time, Amerigo intends to build  a national network that can join the wider global State Alumni Community, an interactive and dynamic network among  people who benefited or intend to participate in the International Cultural Exchange Programs sponsored  by the US Government. Within this community,  Amerigo’s members can :
Interact with thousands of fellow alumni from all over the world who have participated in  cultural exchanges programs, and   share with them their own experience;
Acknowledge the most recent research in their own field of study and receive information about the latest  opportunities for  professional training;
Join active on-line debates and discussion fora on current affairs;
Search for job and grant opportunities;
Post their CVs and/or publications;
Access over 20,000 US and international academic bulletins, newspapers, periodicals and other information through the Alumni’s Online Resource Center;
Propose projects related to Amerigo or join other associations pursuing the same objectives.

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